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Servers US Casual 1-4

Time Zone PST

Link to your stats page

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 211 hours 50 minutes as of right now.

Will you get mad if you lose admin? I wouldn't. If it's for "no reason" I might be a little confused, but I wouldn't be angry.

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
sm_ban "76561198076268745" 0 "obvious aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying
Skial servers are the only place that I frequent in TF2. I've met a lot of extremely kind people and made a bunch of really close friends through these servers. I would love to be a part of the team that keeps them friendly and fair so that others are able to think as highly of Skial as I do.
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Your association with certain people do not make you trustworthy enough


This is a blatant lie unless you've known him for 3 months and during that time he has been muted