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Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. 117

Will you get mad if you lose admin? Not really

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
sm_ban STEAM_0:0:58332946 "Obvious aimbot"

Anything else you feel like saying
Despite being a troublemaker, I'd like to let a bit more leniency on micspam, where permitted (should it not interrupt trades, or if noone has asked for it to be turned down, and more permitting towards soundboard and music than racism or loud noises in general)

I'm aware of what I've said and the reasons I've been muted/gagged/banned temporarily, but would much likely not do it if in power (I'd have no need to, having to uphold a status quo) (this application isn't to bypass the temp ban, either, I can live with it)

I'm frequent on weekdays, around 10am to 5pm, and usually get a few laughs from a soundboard, but have had little reason to tone it down until recently. I've had numerous people who enjoy my shenanigans, and would like to at least moderate the noise to a decent amount, which would lessen up on the traffic of micspam and possibly help in getting more listening crowds. Sure, gagging is an option, but I feel it should be limited more towards racism than recordings

I'm not expecting a serious response, but if I sound honest and decent enough, I'd be willing to be a helping hand. I've got a lot of time on my hands, and it'd be a major help towards aimbottting (3000 hours in TF2 give me experience towards whether someone's hacking or not)

I've got multiple people who frequent the server that can give you an honest answer, both good and bad, about me, and I've donated, so I'd have no real need to muck about with commands irresponsibly.

If znything, I just hope this doesn't sound like a response to get back at anyone. I'm salty about it, but 3 days'll chill me out. I've even added the one who gagged me originally to apologise (whether she'll accept or not is an entirely different story)