Inferno Lord

TF2 Admin
Thank you @Inferno Lord! I will respond to each of your questions below.

Yes, personally I believe I have the right experience to deal with this aspect of being an admin. I have been around internet trolls for many years and feel that I can usually spot them from a mile away now. Even with just making reports, I have already experienced various remarks in game from players and I do not feed them or let them get to me. I hope I have shown that I am able to remain calm and professional in situations like those.

Yes, I believe I would be able to use admin tools such as mutes and bans appropriately, and hopefully the reports I've made can attest to my judgement. For the example you gave, I'd first give an admin warning in-game explaining that what they are doing is not allowed and telling them to stop. I'd then spec them and see what they do. If they didn't comply, I'd give them a 1-day ban at first, and then check to see if they had any previous bans that would necessitate a longer punishment.

Yes, I do. There have been times where I have had to report regulars and I received backlash from some of the community who are friends with them, but I don't let this deter me or change my mind when it's a clear case of rulebreaking. Even if people complain about it in the moment, I believe that players will ultimately appreciate the fact that they can trust you to uphold the rules fairly in all circumstances.

Definitely. My university schedule allows me to play on the server almost daily and I would be able to respond to reports/appeals throughout the day as well. I would make it a priority to maintain a consistent activity level.

Thank you for the questions Inferno! Let me know if there's anything more you need from me! :)

Solid response, about what I was hoping for and expecting. You have a solid history on the servers, I know you do take reports seriously, even if I feel some reports should be a more little detailed. Your response to handling the troublemaker scenario was well said, good deduction. My main concern with any new staff is always temperament, I know you handle your fair share of people, and there have been some oddballs on servers like payload. Though temperament doesn't just extend to handling others, but yourself as well. You've got the schedule but starting to do the job is usually where a good chunk of admins fail early on. So I hope you look out for that, and set those expectations early.

I am satisfied with the answers, and I know it's been a minute since I got back to it. My apologies just had to deal with some stuff on my end. I'm sure you'll do fine in the role if you can get through the early hurdles, and most of our staff can vouch for that. If you can get through it, you'll be a fine addition to the team. I hope staff will find your answers solid but that's for their own judgment. Keep up the reports and activity!

With that, you have my endorsement.

+1 Good Luck!