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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ibo, Sep 10, 2020.

  1. Ibo

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    Surf Overcast is an old map that I think would have a good place in Skial. Overcast has many secrets that can be accessed through tricks, and it has a jail that can be exited through parkour.
    Overcast also has a linear surf and pro surf, which are two different courses which grant rewarding surfing. The linear surf is the large green circle located above spawn and is not hard to spot, while the pro surf is located under a small platform with an overhanging cover.
    Jail, etc.
    The arena section when you exit spawn can be easily traversed. The jail also has a capture point so teams can fight over the objective while they wait for the clock.
    My opinion
    Overall I think this would be a good map for new and old players alike, whether it's those who want to fight or those who are practicing surf. This map has it all.

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  2. surfing cyanide

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    This map is not to be confused with overlook, it is a completely different map.

    +1 for many reasons
    • Large jail area with many interesting things going on in the environment (such as the parkour)
    • Jail is well fitted for deathmatch style gameplay, with lots of cover and some packs hidden about, while still rewarding skilled surfers
    • Lots to explore, many alternate paths (even on the linear surf), secrets
    • Multiple linear surfs (not alternate paths, multiple separate courses) plus an open-ended non-linear area
    • Map made by Egan, who is the same mapper for venice which is currently on rotation.
    here is your link:

    Also, fix that 10x ear rape door pls thx.
  3. Delays

    Delays Gore-Spattered Heavy

  4. Yalta

    Yalta Mildly Menacing Medic

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