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Do I have to follow the rules?

Do you sell admin?

When do I get it?
It will take between 10 seconds to 5 minutes after payment for us to detect and give you special status.

Why did my payment not go through?
If it says you paid with "e-check" it takes 3-5 days because Paypal doesn't get the money until then. Payments with Paypal balance or credit card do not have this long delay.

Otherwise you can feel free to contact us if you did not use e-check and it is taking a long time. Once every few years, Paypal will have issues with their system.

Why is it not working?
Make sure you aren't trying to use a command that is disabled on the server you are on. All gameplay affecting commands like speed are disabled on regular gameplay servers.

When does my donation expire?
Type your Steam profile link in the donation page to find out.

Can I donate before my time expires?
Yes. Extra days will be added correctly.

Can I donate for someone else?
Yes, put in their steam link instead of yours.

Can I get a refund?
A partial refund is available depending on paypal fees and how many days you have already used. Send a PM to Bottiger.

We will not refund people who were banned or muted for rules violations such as hacking.

How to cancel a subscription?

Try using this link, or google how to cancel a subscription on Paypal.


The server is full and I cannot connect

The way reserved slots works is a bit of a hack since Valve never added proper support for it to the game.

It works by having 33 slots, with only 32 slots visible in the browser. By connecting through the console, a player can manually connect to this 33rd slot. Upon connecting to this slot, the server then waits for Steam to verify the player's steamid is real, then it decides to do one of the following things.
  • Not a donator. The server then kicks this person.
  • A donator. The server kicks someone else.
This sets the server back to 32 players so then the reserved slot is open for someone again. You might be unable to connect to the server during this time because sometimes Valve takes a long time to verify the steamid.

Where is my forum title?

Your forum account will need a Steam account associated with it. Forum titles are calculated every 24 hours. This is not an official perk and may be removed in the future.

How do I change my chat colors?

Type !dsay to open the menu. Make sure to enable dsay.

Then you can choose a color by selecting the other menu options.

Try pressing 2 and then typing pink in chat.
You may use any of the color codes here in your chat message here. You can even use multiple colors in the same message. Please note that the use of colors will shorten your chat message.
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