Stop Complaining about Casua

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    Stop Complaining about Casua
    I'm not interested in you're opinion anymore. It was novel the first 20-something times, but i've become jaded at this point.

    If you truly hate Casual that much why don't you become the change you want to see in the world and STOP PLAYING IT!?

    There are plenty of alternatives out there. Here. I'll even give you a hand.

    **Community Seververs**

    You can you use this site to find good community severs to play on

    Alternatively here's just a list of severs you can use (these are mostly just DM thou)


    You can join a lobby and play with people that way. (you can possibly even win prizes)

    **Or you can join on of the many PUG groups out there**

    Here are a few

    **Or you can join a proper league**

    And play matches and scrims with a team

    There. Have fun.

    Author: LegendaryRQA
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