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Hey, so, since January of this year (2019 for people reading this thread in the future), I've been messing around with hammer and making a deathrun map I actually care about.


Now I'm going to be the first to point out, it's no where near completion, and I don't expect to fully release it until it's finished, so don't expect to see any betas or anything popping up somewhere on the internet. All I can tell you for certain, is this:

It is a JoJo themed map. BUT WAIT BEFORE YOU SAY YOU ALREADY HATE IT, I'm doing a balancing act to make it feel like JoJo, and still feel like TF2, so that everyone can enjoy the map. The map goes along the story of the Stardust Crusaders (part 3 JoJo), and will hopefully bridge the gap between enjoyment of the actual deathrun, and minigames at the end of the deathrun. (I'll explain this more in detail if this thread attracts any interest)

Idk if Skial will add it. Tbh idk what Skial looks for in dr maps. The main reason I'm doing this on Skial forums is because of how large Skial is, so it'll hopefully get to more people.

Now I would add screenshots, but last time I tried to do that, the website complained and said something about prevention of spam or whatever. This was like a month ago I tried posting this thread, so in the future, I'll hopefully be able to link images and videos of the map.

Tl;dr JoJo map that feels like TF2 map is coming eventually, although maybe not to Skial servers. We'll have to see about that one.

Anyway, have a nice day.


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I'm definitely looking forward to playing this, good luck with creating and getting the map added!
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Alright well this attracted more attention than it should've.

To keep my word, here's what I mean by
bridge the gap between enjoyment of the actual deathrun, and minigames at the end

At the end of many deathrun maps, there's often options to play a minigame, such as a spinner, a race, a fight, etc.

This map doesn't have an ending like that. Instead, the minigames are spread out across the map, and they're something you have to complete to progress further in the map.

Now again I'd love to post a link to a video where I demonstrated one of these minigames, but the site is still complaining, and the video is a tiny bit outdated since I've changed how that minigame I demonstrated works, so here's an explanation.

The first minigame is set in Tiger Balm Gardens, where you'd be greeted by Silver Chariot. The minigame against Silver Chariot is randomly chosen between a spinner, and a parkour course.

Now when I say spinner, I don't mean "Jump over the spinner for 60 seconds to win". This spinner requires the red team to hit 4 buttons, that are spread around the arena they're playing in, to beat the minigame, while also up against a time limit.

The second minigame is set in the Singapore hotel, where the crusaders meet Soul Sacrifice in the anime. The minigame here, is just parkour. And again there's a video of this butthegoddamnwebsite...

This is as far as I've got with the map so far. I will be skipping a few parts of the story due to entity limits in the map, but also because there's probably no real reason to make a map that takes as long to play as the anime takes as long to fully watch.

The next minigame, I don't know. But what I do know is the final minigame is up against DIO (or the person on blu), where they will have their health set to a ludicrously high number (depending on how many reds are still alive). To make things worse for the reds, every so often (like 15-20 seconds, idk), time will be stopped for the reds, leaving them helpless against DIO for a short period of time (just like in the anime, where DIO and ZA WARUDO stop time).

Hopefully everything I've said made sense, and hopefully I don't remove any of the features stated above due to entity limits.

I'll probably keep trying to post updates from here on out (whenever I make a "significant" change/update to the map). Until then,

Have a nice day.
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Well this next update has nothing to do with Skial even though it's on Skial forums. Either way I never intended to keep this related to Skial. This is a thread about a map anyway so...

I released alpha 2 onto a different community server for 1 week. The main reason I haven't done this to Skial is I don't see them adding it for 1 week and ONLY 1 week (but hey if any staff are reading this and will go by that rule then hey I'm all up for giving you it).

The main reason it's one week is so I can get a decent amount of test results from play testers, and so people don't get too familiar with the map (so they keep the hype up for the final release).

Anyway that's all I have to say for now.

Have a nice day.


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So now seems like a good time to test links?

I've been working on an easter egg. Yeah Ik, like 50 percent done and I've already made a ton of easter eggs, but that's how most of my maps even get to the end of completion. If I wasn't having any fun with making the map, I might as well have fun with the easter eggs, right?

Well whatever. I've been working on an Easter egg that isn't related to JoJo's. It's A Neon Genesis Evangelion Easter egg. It's also pretty damn hard to unlock. I plan for it to be unlocked like this:
- Beat the map.
- Complete ALL of the other easter eggs in the map WITHOUT screwing up ONCE.
- Every round, there will be a 1/16 chance the easter egg will have unlocked from there on.

Yeah 3 steps, not much, but I am making a fair few easter eggs in this map, sooo...
I'm also thinking of adding an "admin button". Basically it let's admins on the server forcefully unlock the easter egg. You require noclip to get to the button also, so that's how the game will know if an admin has pressed it.

Now on to the interesting part. What the easter egg does. When it is unlocked, the doors seen in the following image --> https://aaw.ooo/w7cxwm.png will open, revealing a massive Evangelion (you really can't miss it when it is open) (the building itself and its surroundings have changed since I took this picture. This was the only image I have access to while typing this out).

The reds will then have the choice of either continuing the map like normal, or doing the easter egg. If they choose to do the easter egg, they'll climb a few flights of stairs, and enter "NERV" (my tf2 take on it, which it pretty different to the anime version). This will initiate a parkour course, and a timer. (while it is an easter egg and parkour, death will have some interaction in this part of the map too).

The parkour course is intended to be VERY difficult. I say "intended" since I have only just started building it, but here's a little sneak peak at at what models I'll be using (credit goes to my friend R60D for dealing with these models and my BS lmao.)
If you couldn't tell, basically I was walking on top of a body part of an Eva. An Eva's left arm to be specific.

I like to make things really over the top. That's why this easter egg is so difficult to unlock. Unlocking it is over the top, the easter egg itself is over the top, the end of the easter egg is over the top, etc.

If you beat the parkour course, the next round you play, a few perks will be initiated. What these perks are, I don't fully know yet, but they'll make the map a bit cooler.

However, if you lose, something much worse happens.

PLEASE NOTE, THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS NOT INTENDED FOR THOSE WITH PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY. (And while it isn't earrape, it's a bit loudish so maybe turn down your volume so you aren't jumpscared).

Yeah. That's what will show up on your screens (besides me pressing the button). What happens after, I'm undecided. One of two things, depending on if I continue to make deathrun maps after I'm done with this map. It either pulls a playstation bud card and crashes the server (this is if I quit mapping), or it kills everyone and everything is reset (this is if I continue mapping).

I also realize now I've said that, there's no way this map is getting on Skial. Oh well, not a big deal. I only made this so I can pretend I'm actually talking to people about this map.

Anyway, tell me what you think, and have a nice day.


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It either pulls a playstation bud card and crashes the server
Yeah. No

Don't expect any map of your creation being hosted on Skial if there are purposely intended ways to crash the server.

Only reason we still host DR PlayStation is because it is among the top popular DR maps, and we had to write a plugin to disable that bud card


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Yeah. No

Don't expect any map of your creation being hosted on Skial if there are purposely intended ways to crash the server.

Only reason we still host DR PlayStation is because it is among the top popular DR maps, and we had to write a plugin to disable that bud card
Bruh if you knew how to use stripper plugin, all you had to was put this to disable the card from getting shredded instead of making all item_teamflags getting dropped when picked up.
"targetname" "filter_memcard_shred_bud"


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Yeah. No

Don't expect any map of your creation being hosted on Skial if there are purposely intended ways to crash the server.

Only reason we still host DR PlayStation is because it is among the top popular DR maps, and we had to write a plugin to disable that bud card

As I say, it may not happen. It depends if I continue to deal with hammer's BS. I do have some ideas for a future map so the chance of me quitting is as rare as the easter egg openings. Hell I might just make two varieties of the map. Tons of ideas to play with, it just depends on what works best for the map.

But as Berke says, a stripper config would be useful for any map that got on people's nerves.

EDIT: I also see that Berke's post was rated "dumb", like he was wrong or something? I don't quite get that. Stripper does work, and it is very easy to edit maps without decompiling. Berke even made his own stripper config for the bud card, and to fix a gravity bug that while it rarely occurred, it did happen.

Just curious on what your opinion about stripper is, since you seem to have an opinion on it already, despite it likely not having been on Skial servers.
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As much as this map will be a serious gameplay oriented deathrun, I have enough time to spare to mess around.


Oh and ignore everything I said those few weeks ago. The original idea was scrapped for something much better and over the top. So at least more servers will be likely to take it. But first I need to make it! (Thanks Jermaphobe for the advice)

Well enjoy the following video I found a couple of months ago: And have a nice day.


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Well it has been a while.

The map hasn't progressed too far since I last posted an update. I've been working on bug fixes and making stuff fair and whatever. Basically just making everything already made, better, in terms of how it acts, efficiency, and keeps players interested.

But while I haven't continued on the MAIN part of the map, I've been working on a large easter egg. The Evangelion easter egg. It is nearly finished, and it is about as over the top as I had originally hoped.
Initial ideas for this easter egg were for Blue to maybe control a massive Eva. This was shut down as it didn't look good with the animations attached to the model. I kind of just started making it a parkour course over the body of the robot. This didn't work too well either. Then with the surprise help of "BadToad" (yeah I didn't expect him to help me with this project, but he did. Huge thanks to him), I now have a walking Evangelion boss AI.

This is what it looks like in game, and before anyone says anything, yes it's like playstation zurg fight, but no you don't win the game by hitting the Eva. You win the game a different way that is explained in the map. Not saying anything here as it may very well be changed in the future.

Anyway while I'm here, have some dev videos.
Kaworu AI Kaworu natural walking Very basic remake of the first trap (the timings for that have been improved. I just see no reason to boot up the map again to record a 10 second video.

Hopefully some people are still interested in this map? Cool if you are, oh well that's a shame, if you're not. Either way though, have a nice day.


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Well here's probably the final update to do with this map.

dr_stardust_a3b was made, and released privately on a few servers. It wasn't in a finished state, but those servers didn't mind. I didn't bother trying to suggest to Skial since I know exactly what the answer would be.

The reception from basically all of the servers that took it were... Extremely disappointing.

The good things about the map, they liked the idea of having the minigames throughout the map. They also liked finding all of the easter eggs and secrets I had hidden throughout the map (who doesn't enjoy doing that on a new map?)

The negative thing that has been a major problem with this map, is in my opinion, rather a stupid thing to complain about, but it's there. The theme of the map. I'd guess because of the "anime weeaboo JoJo" stigma or whatever, people just always say they dislike the map because of that. Now there's an easy fix for this, just remove all references to anime and JoJo. But doing that removes the one unique aspect about this map, and I flatly refuse to do that, so here I am now.

dr_stardust_a4. The final version of Stardust that will be made. If I ever to make another version, then it'll probably be because some server commissioned me or something weird.

Now, here's some of the stuff that will be in dr_stardust_a4:
  • Added another floor to Jotaro's house, and made it so you have to find a key to open a door before you can progress (gives you something to do while the story of what has happened is showing on screen).
  • Silver chariot spinner minigame. Magicians Red now actually shoots fireballs at Silver Chariot (thanks R60D)
  • Made hotel parkour feel less static, by having one area of the room having a disco ball and colourful lights.
  • Removed the balcony from the start of the hotel parkour. You now need to do more strafe jumps (how evil).
  • Before you enter the hotel, you actually are teleported to a wooden dock just outside of the hotel now. This can be used as a quick way of getting people used to strafing, since the floor of the dock is broken, and you must strafe jump around the poles to continue. (Side note: if you fall off here, you don't die. There's a ladder you just climb up to try again)
  • Finished Evangelion secret. If you beat the secret, a funny mode the next round activates called "Kaworu mode". Basically, a few models change to "Kaworu" and "Kaworu" appears in some random spots in the map (Kaworu is a character from Neon Genesis Evangelion for those who don't know).
  • Added 2 areas after the hotel. These areas are not going to be detailed or look nice by any means. I'm just adding them so I can say I sort of completed Stardust. The first area is more deathrun trap orientated (since I'd kind if neglected that throughout most of the map). The second part is the fight against DIO (death/hale).
  • Added a few secrets and references as always.
And that's dr_stardust_a4. Basically the end of over a years worth of work. Now I say the end, it hasn't ended yet. I'm still working on the new areas.

There's nothing else really happening to this project. After I'm done with a4, I'll probably just publicly release it on gamebanana like with my other maps. After that, I have another map idea in mind. I may even reference it in Stardust.

Thanks to those who have read through this long post, or even the whole thread. Nice to see you have taken some sort if interest in the map.

And finally, until next time, have a nice day.


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Project is nearly done. I added a lot more than I thought I would in a4, but that isn't really a bad thing by any means. I have set myself the deadline of 10th of June but it's likely that I will finish much earlier than that. I just don't want to end up having to make new versions every week when there's a new bug, so I'll likely go through a fair bit of playtesting before publicly releasing.