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Now I decided to make this topic sticky since Squaretrade seems to be the best warranty out there for all electronics you have in your house.

I'm saying it not just because of the reviews but because of my personal experience I have had with them so far.

  1. When I bought my Sharp AQUOS LC-70LE757U almost two years ago for $2.5k I decided to purchase 5 years warranty plan for this expensive TV. Among all offers (Sharp - $250 for 2 years, BestBuy - $200 for 2 years) SquareTrade offered a 5 years plan for $100. Two weeks ago my TV started acting up (wireless connection would drop) so I contacted Squaretrade, they hired local technician who replaced the wireless card. Result - no charges whatsoever. No delays, no "claim reviews", no charges. I checked Sharp's website - WNIC costs $75, labor (after TV is delivered to authorized Sharp repair center) was $120.
  2. When I bought my Netgear N750 almost two years ago, I also purchased 2 years plan with SquareTrade for $9 (!!!!). Last week this router started dropping signal on WLAN port so I contacted SquareTrade, they approved the claim next day, sent me a shipping label and (attention!) reimbursed me the full price of the router ($100) the same moment I shipped the router off to them via FedEx. They haven't even waited for the router to arrive... They simply paid me back the full price of the router right away.
That being said...

  1. Cheap warranty prices.
  2. Great coverage periods.
  3. Extremely fast response to the claims (from the moment I filed the claim to full resolution it took 12 hours).
  4. Convenient and fast reimbursement (PayPal, Amazon gift card, check).
  5. Convenient way to manage your claims on their website.
  1. None so far.

Rationale: Definitely recommended for home electronics of all kinds. I have my TVs, routers, modem, SAN, server blades, Ubiquity access points, printer, cellphones, washer and dryer all covered by SquareTrade.
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