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After discussing with Steamrep, we've decided to no longer accept Gambling/Spycrab reports. The reason as to why we're doing such I'll explain now.
  • Losing a spycrab/gamble is an itemless loss. When an individual runs from a Spycrab/Gamble, the victim who lost the crab doesn't lose anything other than time. SR does not measure scam reports based on time, only value lost and we'd like to keep consistency with our partners. If it's a case where one end holds the items for whatever reason, this case is different and we'll look into it. It's not something we advise you do, though.
  • There is far too much required for a Spycrab/Gamble report. This may come off as lazy but it's simply the truth and, with the amount of requirements for an itemless case, it's both unorganized and unnecessary. Initially, the requirements were agreement, progress via video, running and inventory history. Already more than what a report with an actual victim requires. However, a Spycrab/Gamble report also requires what lead up to the event and actual server logs. The forgery of Spycrabbing/Gambling is easy and a lot of work to analyze for, once again, an itemless loss report.
What should you do to prevent running?

Gamble/Spycrab running is a fairly difficult thing to fall victim to as there are a plethora of preventative measures you can take to stop it from happening. I'll list just a few below
  • Using a middleman. This one is the best preventative measure. It simply requires a third, professional party to act as the item holder while the crab goes on. Simply give them the items gambled for the duration of the event, wait for them to confirm they've received both parties items, let them confirm the agreement, complete the event, and the winning party receives the items from the middleman
  • Take preventative measures. Ideally, you should be doing this with every case but if you feel someone is untrustworthy, there are plenty of preventative measures you can take. Some examples are checking their Steamrep for marks, past reports, suspicious friends, community bans, etc. or checking their reputation on trading sites, like for example.
  • Check their backpacks. Often times, we've seen runners not even have the items at all to partake in the gamble, which in turn means they aren't able to meet the agreement. This is something you should tell the admins of the respective server about so they can be handled properly.
How does Skial handle Spycrab/Gamble reports and appeals now?

If you're appealing a Spycrab/Gamble ban or mark, you are still required to pay the victim back as your tag was handled before we made this decision. In terms of reports, the only difference is we don't mark for them on Steamrep. It is still a rule to break and you can be banned from here if you run on Skial but other than that, they won't be processed. If someone runs from you, report them in the link below and I or a different trade moderator will handle it.

That is all.
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