TF2 was one of the first games I bought when I bought my own laptop. I got it in the Orange Box.

I reinstalled tonight and started playing solider, and halfway through a rocket jump (which was shit btw) I was reminded of someone that left a mark on a young me: Smackdaddy

It was a match on plr\_hightower on maybe a Skial server or something. There was a soldier who was beauty, who was grace, who was launching rockets into *every face.*

He was in voice sailing around and getting kill after kill, just saying shit like "yeah, that's right. I'm SMACK. DADDY. BABY. Smackdaddy did it to ya! DON'T EVER FORGET THE NAME!"

And I haven't.

Smackdaddy, if you're out there: I remember you. And I play soldier because of you.

Author: Disgustache