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    This is a reference guide for Skial specific features for Zombie Escape.

    If you are new to mapping please refer to this guide instead.

    Available point_servercommands

    ze_map_say {message}
    • It sends a message to the chat, so that players can read it and get info/instructions through the chat.
    • It is similar to the say command, but has extra features.
    • COMMAS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Anything after the comma disappears. I am not sure if this can be fixed by escaping or quoting.
    • Colors can be found here
    • Example: ze_map_say {olive}[MAP INFO]{default} xyzmessage
    • Example: ze_map_say {pink}Hello {green}there {default} blah
    ze_map_timer {seconds}
    • It creates a countdown on the hud that is at the top of players screens.
    • The countdown text says "Defend for X" seconds.
    • It disappears when it reaches 0.
    • You can run this command even if the previous timer hasn't reached 0 yet.
    • Example: ze_map_timer 30 this will set a countdown of 30 seconds no matter how many seconds were left.
    • Example: ze_map_timer 0 this will hide the countdown.
    sm_extend_map {number of minutes to add}
    • Add X minutes to the round timer in the team_round_timer.
    • Example: sm_extend_map 30
    ze_map_boss_bar {name of something that has HP like base_boss or func_breakable or math_counter}
    • Display a TF2 boss HP bar on the screen. Will disappear when hp is down to 0.
    • You will need to run this command again if the bar hits 0 and you added hp to the boss later.
    • Also makes grenades explode when it comes in contact with the first entity. Normally grenades bounce off everything except a base_boss.
    • ONLY 1 bar can show at a time. Running this command again will switch the bar to the newest boss.
    • Example: ze_map_boss_bar boss_breakable1
    ze_map_boss_connect {name of prop_dynamic func_physbox func_physbox_multiplayer func_breakable maybe more} {name of math_counter}
    • Connects something that takes damage and subtracts that damage from a math_counter
    • This is used for many bosses that use OnHealthChanged to subtract 1 from the boss. If you replace this system, be sure to delete the OnHealthChanged output and scale the HP of the boss up.
    • Also makes grenades explode when it comes in contact with the first entity. Normally grenades bounce off everything except a base_boss.
    • You can connect as many as you like and they will all work at the same time.
    • DOES NOT display a boss bar.
    • Example: ze_map_boss_connect boss_phys1 boss_counter1
    ze_map_boss_grenade_on {name of an entity}
    ze_map_boss_grenade_off {name of an entity}

    • Makes grenades explode when they touch the specified entity. This is because grenades normally bounce off everything except base_boss and many maps do not use that.
    • You can turn on grenade explosions on as many objects as you want.
    Fancy Ladders

    func_ladder does not work on TF2, so here is a way to make a decent replacement. Make a func_brush, with the name zeladder anywhere to make it a climbable ladder. Example: blah_zeladder_123.

    To climb these ladders, you just look up and press W. To climb down, release all keys, or look down and press W.

    • If you want to make ladders only climbable by a certain team, you need to include survivor or zombie in their name.
    • These ladders can be disabled and they will be invisible to sight and touch until enabled.
    • Leave the solidity as Toggle. The ladder will not work if set to non-solid.
    • You must set Render Mode to Don't Render if you use a trigger texture instead of nodraw.
    • You can delete these brushes and players will fall off. Players that change teams on a team specific ladder will remain on the ladder.

    Here is an example:


    Multiple Stages

    Do you want multiple stages in your map where if you beat 1 stage, you'll go on to the next stage? And start at the same stage if failed and not the very first stage?

    Download this VMF and copy and paste the 5 entities into your map. These entities are setup in a special way so that the math_counter that keeps track of the level does not change after the round restarts.

    • math_counter name levelcounter:
      this is the math counter that specifies the current level. Set the number here to change the level next round.
    • logic_case name levelcase:
      this is the case that specifies what to do at each level. You should change this to do things like enable a spawn teleport to a new area or changing the origin of the info_teleport_destination.
    • point_template name leveltemplate: do not change, magic to stop the counter being deleted when the round ends.
    • info_target name levelinit: do not change, magic to stop the counter being deleted when the round ends.
    • logic_auto: do not change. you can merge this with another logic_auto that doesn't get disabled.

    Do something only when the map starts and not between round changes.

    Make an info_target, add the actions as "OnUser1" inputs. Add one to delete itself.

    Then in a logic_auto, fire the User1 output to the info_target.

    The object will delete itself and won't be recreated on subsequent rounds because info_targets are "persistent" entities that aren't delete and recreated between round. A similar track is used for a multi-stage map.

    Obsolete Commands - DO NOT USE

    These commands are part of an old plugin that we are retiring in the future due to overly complex and user unfriendly design. They were only used on 1 map. Please contact me privately for information on the new pickup system.

    ze_map_hook_gameui {gameuientityname} {cooldowntime} {activationkey} {teamnum}
    • This command hooks any and all Game_UI entities currently in the map with the given name.
    • Game_UI entities are mainly used in ZE to keep track of button presses.
    • You should call this command right after you spawn any Game_UI entities you want hooked in your map.
    • In skyrim, the Game_UI entity is used to make the helmet powerup, which grants you the power of Dovahkiin and lets you activate the powerup with the RELOAD button.
    • Currently, Game_UI entities have a limited amount of button presses it can detect.
    • ze_map_hook_gameui lets you hook a game_ui, and includes support for:
    • Item cooldown time(-1.0 = no cooldown, must be a float)
    • Item activation key( 1= reload, 2 = special attack, 3 = use)
    • Item team(-1 = all teams, 1 = spectator, 2 = red, 3 = blue)
    • The server will detect when a player is using the entity and if the player presses a button that corresponds with the entity's name.
    • When a button press is detected for UIs that detect reload, it will send a FireUser1 input to that UI.
    • When a button press is detected for UIs that detect special attack (M3), it will send a FireUser2 input to that UI.
    • When a button press is detected for UIs that detect USE, it will send a FireUser3 input to that UI.
    • When a UI's cooldown ends it will send FireUser4 input to the UI.
    • EX: ze_map_hook_gameui item_holder_5 -1.0 reload 3 (this is the name of the helmet's game_ui entity.)
    ze_map_add_gameui_cd {gameuientityname} {cooldowntime}
    • adds time to the gameui's cooldown
    • EX: ze_map_add_gameui_cd helmet_ui 5.0
    ze_map_subtract_gameui_cd {gameuientityname} {cooldowntime}
    • subtracts time from the gameui's cooldown
    • EX: ze_map_subtract_gameui_cd helmet_ui 7.0
    ze_map_end_gameui_cd {gameuientityname}
    • ends the gameui's cooldown so it can be used again
    • EX: ze_map_end_gameui_cd helmet_ui
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