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  • Since this is going to be the first tournament, it will cost only 1 CS:GO key per player to enter.
  • All entry fees will be held by a responsible Skial middleman. (@Sargent¥ , @BBQ Prophet, etc.)
  • Teams will not be set dependent on rank. This year's tournament will be "mixed" meaning none of the teams will be full of purely high ranks nor low ranks.
  • Your team must decide on a team name that the majority of you agree with.
  • There must be 5 players per team.
  • No substitutes are allowed.
The prize:
Apart from being crowned Skial CS:GO Winning Team 2017, your team will receive an even split of the prize fund.

Any further questions feel free to inquire!
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Why would the payment for entry be virtual currency from another game?

EDIT: He edited his post. 1 key sounds alright as in comparison to the previous 2 Refined Metal entry fee
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