Skial Middleman Doesn't Allow Direct Cash

Discussion in 'Skial Middleman' started by OneManArmy, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. OneManArmy

    OneManArmy Mildly Menacing Medic

    I recently attempted to make a trade using the Mt.Gox exchange, but I am afraid they no longer accept direct USD deposits.

    The options available were confusing and a bit too much, Del Piero recommended I post here regarding my experience.

    Good luck!
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  2. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    Why don't you use dwolla?
  3. (cYs) Del Piero

    (cYs) Del Piero Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor

    Why does one need another service to purchase the USD for mtgox. That makes not much sense.

    It's like saying you need to transfer money to Organization X in order to receive your money on PayPal and not directly to them.
  4. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    Well I can't do anything about that.

    There's nothing wrong with Dwolla. Dwolla specializes in low cost bank transfers in the US so you don't have to pay a wire fee. The transfer from Dwolla to Mtgox is instant.
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