Skial Is Dumb. I tried to appeal my ban (Which I already didn't understand), and they linked me to an account I have never seen before saying it was mine.

To be clear, I no longer expect to be unbanned and am mostly venting. I especially hope someone from Skial is reading this, because you and your cheat detection system are dumber than a goddamn sack of rocks.

At first, I thought they had banned me for disabling MOTD's earlier this year (the server bot did say to enable it, but didn't say anything about a ban), and I only recently appealed after wanting to play a Skial dustbowl server.

So I appeal my ban, right? And they immediately invalidate it without really saying why or letting me make my case. I asked if they just ban people who have unproblematically played on their servers for 8+ years for shits and giggles, and one of them replied by insulting me for aimbotting. I have never fucking aimbotted in my life, and at this point I have to admit I felt a bit indignant. I hate aimbotters with a passion, and more than one person on that website started making fun of me for it? Which I don't mind being made fun of, but at least make fun of me for something I did? And then this douche had the audacity to link me to an account I had never seen before and tell me that that was one of my accounts, and is why I was banned. I. Have. Never. Seen. This. Account. Wtf. I don't even think it belongs to someone who I live with, because nobody who I live with even plays TF2. This is so stupid, and these dumb assholes really think they are clever and that their system is infallible.

Idk I'm mostly just mad I wasted so much time on these servers only to get this kind of treatment. Oh well. At least Uncletopia won't ban me for no reason and their servers are better anyway.

Author: Frances_the_Mute_99
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