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Skial Drawing Contest
Hello, and welcome to the Skial Drawing Contest. Everyone's got skills to pay the bills, but that is not the case with this contest. Most people lack drawing talent and they wont be paying a bill, but instead winning a prize!

Anyone can join by simply imputing their rendition of the photo shown below. Here's some rules:​
Usable Tools: paper or a digital canvas.
First Impression: your first drawing post WILL be your last. Two drawings = disqualify.
Plagiarism: Don't plagiarize a photo/drawing. Legal action will be taken against you.
Filters: Downloading the photo and adding filters to make it look drawn makes you look bad.
Here's what you're drawing ...

Thingies to aim for ...
  • Shading
  • Distancing
  • Hue and Contrast
  • COLOR IS NOT REQUIRED. Comic books style is cool.
$20 game on almost any platform ... WITH A TWIST. The starting value is $20 dollars. But, every time someone joins the drawing contest, the prize amount goes up one dollar. So if 10 people joined this contest, the new prize amount is $30!

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Gaben's Own Aimbot

ok give money
Wow. I always knew there was hidden talent in you. That's amazing!
What tool did you use?

ALSO, BIG NOTE GUYS: I understand that the original reference photo is kinda hard to manage. So I meant to switch it out with this (which Jaydee has seemed to perfect)


I asked some mods to switch it out, but they seem a little busy.


Totally Ordinary Human
3 days later. an entry that someone spent the last 3 days drawing in some expensive ass program with a $200 drawing pad and stylus and put in over 30 hours of work into. everything is perfect and they clearly win.

Every art contest ever. lol