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    Hello. So! If I have any spare time, I'll dedicate it to making a Skial Story Board Animation like I did with The Hour Of BBQ. I can make stories on just about any event or person on skial. I think I'll barely churn one out a week, since I got a new job. But I hope we can have some fun and mess around with the past times.

    If anyone wants to voice act or narrate: "privat" message me. (boiii)

    This is the listing. You can't edit it, but reply if you want to join in or add any content.
    I'm pretty sure some of the older members will appreciate the stories lined up, and perhaps it will teach the new members some skial history.

    And reply here which one you really wanna see next. Or if this is a terrible idea, you can also voice that opinion haha. Thanks for your help guys.
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