SFM poster requests?

Discussion in 'Source Film Maker' started by N0WBIE, May 27, 2013.

  1. N0WBIE

    N0WBIE Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    Make me do a SFM poster and I will try to.

    Info needed:
    Map (section of it if wanted)

    Currently learning:
    Unusual and particle effects

    Expect me to fail.
  2. Tomatketchup

    Tomatketchup Banned Contributor

    Grenade Launcher taunt
  3. ViperStriker

    ViperStriker Banned Contributor

    Scout equipped with a Ye Olde Baker Boy, Fast Learner, and Essential Accessories, all painted Indubitably Green.
    Stock melee taunt, but with a Holy Mackeral equipped.
    Midpoint on Granary.

    Give the Ye Olde Baker Boy a Searing Plasma effect.
  4. N0WBIE

    N0WBIE Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    Ha ha....
  5. N0WBIE

    N0WBIE Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    I will try to do the paints and unusual but Ill do the unpainted and no effects first
  6. ViperStriker

    ViperStriker Banned Contributor

    Cool, that'd be awesome.
  7. adios

    adios Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Stormy Storm Brain Bucket
    Fancy Dress Uniform (No paint)
    Lord Cockswain's Chops and Pipe (No paint)

    Shovel Taunt

    Top of C on cp_gravelpit
  8. N0WBIE

    N0WBIE Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    Update: Due to my lack of time And a noob of SFM it will take time to make those posters.
  9. Stitch/Glue

    Stitch/Glue Rage-Inducing Forum Troll Contributor

    Demoman with:
    Tavish DeGroot Experience
    Dangeresque Too? Painted Gold
    And a Ham Shank

    Can you make him do the bottle taunt but with the ham shank?

    Edit: forgot the map, cp_dustbowl
  10. Questionable Moose

    Questionable Moose Banned


    "Nothing to do so"

    What happened between then and now, it was only around 2 hours :[
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  11. Flaming Lantern Crones Dome
    Bearded Bombardier (with whatever style)
    Cool Breeze
    on Demo
    (Doing some pose with his grenade launcher)

    Cloudy Moon Pyromancers (Painted Black) (With style stylish paint)
    Deus Specs
    Road Spikes (Painted Black)
    (Doing a pose with in his hand)

    Both on dark maps please.
  12. N0WBIE

    N0WBIE Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

  13. Devin64156

    Devin64156 Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Look at all of these load outs!!!
  14. AfireAzuaki

    AfireAzuaki Legendary Skial King

    Gold Vintage Tyroleon
    Gold Procedure Mask
    Quad Wrangler
    -Festive ubersaw out
    Ubersaw taunt

    2nd stage, final point cp_dustbowl
  15. siZeDcuBe

    siZeDcuBe Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Prize plushie

    Just holding weench on his shoulder with the hotrod mask over his face?
    Its ok if it cant be done
  16. TehBrownSheep

    TehBrownSheep Scarcely Lethal Noob

    This forum ain't big enough for the two of us, pal.
  17. pipebombamz

    pipebombamz Mildly Menacing Medic

    With your permission of course, because due to the lack of time, i was wondering if i could do some of the requests for you. I know how to apply unusual effects and apply paint on most items.... Some items that paint is harder to apply to, is Essential Accessories and Superfan and Brain Slug....

    I have nothing to do.... I am willing to do some of these requests if only you allow me to.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2013
  18. pipebombamz

    pipebombamz Mildly Menacing Medic

    well.. i have a request.

    Soldier's Stash
    Shaolin Sash.

    Any pose.
    Any map
  19. MA3LSTR0M

    MA3LSTR0M Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Hat of cards (Ind. Green)
    Cut throat (Ind Green)
    Made man

    Crossed arms
    The tower on plr_hightower
  20. speedyz92

    speedyz92 Scarcely Lethal Noob

    could you make my spy?

    cosa nostra, painted mint with the effect "morning glory"
    le party phantom
    dead of night, painted mint
    preferably doing the laugh taunt on sd_doomsday
    and would it be possible for him to be wearing the cloak and dagger around his wrist?
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