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    These actions may result in bans, silences, or other punishments.

    Examples are listed. But just because you don't see something here does not mean it is not included.
    • Spamming. Examples:
      • Advertising other TF2 servers or Skial competitors.
      • Telling people to boycott Skial.
      • Spreading lies with the intention to get people to leave.
      • Reporting people that aren't breaking the rules.
      • Calling random votes, even on yourself.
      • Whether music over voice chat is spam will be left to a server vote. However music is NOT allowed on trade servers.
    • Using or advertising hacks. This includes letting your "brother" or "friend" do it on your computer or internet connection. Advertising "fake" hacks does not let you avoid this rule.
    • Racism
      • Racial slurs or stereotypes are not allowed.
      • However, you may use the term "nigga" without negative words or stereotypes. Examples of negative words include but not limited to: dumb, bad, hate.
    • Other Discrimination: Any persistent discrimination based on gender or religion is not allowed. What qualifies as persistent will be determined by an admin.
    • Threatening to attack Skial servers or credible threats against Skial staff.
    • Exploiting. Examples:
      • Killing someone behind the gate before the game starts.
      • Bypassing the afk manager by using scripts so you are not kicked.
    • Scamming
    • Admin impersonation
    • Fake admin quotes
    • Posting others personal and private information without consent.
    • Dodging: Avoiding punishments like gag/mute/ban by disconnecting or changing your name right before it happens.
    • Certain Sprays
      • Illegal images like lolicon porn, child porn
      • Gore
      • We reserve the right to remove any spray even if they are not listed above.
    • Harming your team for an extended period of time. (friendlying/griefing) Examples:
      • Blocking sniper views
      • Teleporter traps
      • Refusing to help advance your teams position for a long time.
    • Complaining about the rules or enforcement of rules for more than 1 minute in-game. Complaints should be posted on the forums instead.
    • Doing any of these on a throwaway account. Your main account will be punished.
    Trade Server Rules
    • No music or recordings in voice chat.
    • No purposefully interrupting trade chat.
    • Asking for donations is considered Spam.
    • All Raffles and Events/Contests (trivia, costume, etc.) require Skial Green Shield Admins or anyone on this list to middleman:
      • In addition, raffles and events/contests must be a key value at minimum.
      • Giveaways (meaning events where there is no fee/requirement from users other than the host) do not require a middleman nor value to host.
    • Clear terms and agreements to any Wager, Raffle, Event or Contest must be posted in chat before it begins and all scores must also be posted in chat.
    • Interfering with a Wager/Event/Contest (such as partner taunting near a Spycrab) is considered Griefing
    • Profiles and Inventories must be public if trading.
    • No trading of any CD/Retail Game Keys/Codes
    • No item misrepresentation, such as:
      • Falsely claiming rarity (1-of-1, glitched, owned by celebrity, etc.)
      • Trading items renamed as other items
    Spycrab Rules
    • Each player agrees in chat as follows:
      • "I agree to spycrab <opponent name> for <items>, first to <number> crabs <wins/loses>"
    • Both players hold out their disguise kits and taunt, keeping pace and making sure no one is ahead.
    • The loser must pay the winner the agreed amount immediately.
      • "Double or nothing" or similar is not allowed.
    • In the case of a tie, play continues until a player crab taunts once more than the other.
    • If no specific Spycrab rules are stated, first to three loses.

    Deathrun Server Rules

    • Lying about freerun is allowed.
    • Intentionally suiciding or disconnecting as boss at the end of the round to annoy everyone else.
    Jailbreak Server Rules

    Rules also apply to admins.


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