Server changes caused by Matchmaking update

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    Some of you have already noticed that your favorite server may have disappeared or moved. This is due to the recent Matchmaking update which has resulted in fewer players for vanilla community servers. Community servers are blocked from Casual mode which causes more players being diverted from community servers.

    This change has equally affected every community that is not entirely custom, not just us.

    We are still the strongest and most popular community by a very wide margin. And we remain committed to staying that way for as long as possible. Having said that, we still need to change servers around before they die out completely. You can use our server list here or download the program there to load every server we have into your favorites list.

    You Can Also Help

    As we have said before, we urge you to tell the TF2 team how you feel about community servers being unfairly treated this way. Some of you have told me that they won't listen and that you won't matter. That is untrue.

    We know of these 2 people working on TF2 right now. Just a moment of your time could make a big difference.

    johns at
    erics at

    We also still need your help getting the servers started up in the morning. Joining the servers pointed to by the quickplay button on the top right or the events in our group is the fastest way to get credits for the Skial Store.
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