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Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight
Selling Buds via Skial Middleman. In Stock: 0
Selling Bills via Skial Middleman. In Stock: 1
Selling Dr. Whoa via Skial Middleman. In Stock: 1
Selling Unusual Batter's Helmet with Purple Energy via Skial Middleman. Offer me via Steam for it.

Here is the trade ID for one Buds. If you want to buy more buds I will add them to the bot but since the bot has only limited slots I don't want to fill it up.

Trade ID for 1 buds: 4f0a18353a2a911a72000000


Q: How do I pay?
A: Via Skial Middleman, it requires an www.mtgox.com Account

Q: How do I add money to mtgox?
A: There are several methods. Dwolla is (for Americans) the most used one. Paxum allows Credit Card. You may also make a direct bank payment to one of their banks or you may convert Bitcoins into USD.

Q: How do I add money to Skial Middleman once I have it on mtgox?
A: Read this http://www.skial.com/threads/withdrawing-and-depositing-mtgox-code-guide.2218/

Q: How do I trade?
A: Read this http://www.skial.com/threads/buyers-guide.4882/

Q: How do I trade for an item?
A: Start the trade with Bob (he is in the Skial Group Chat 24/7), say "buy trade ID (put IDhere)" then say "pay USD" then click ready to trade and confirm the trade.


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I was about to buy like 5 buds from you. Until I saw the word skial middleman.
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You can buy 6 buds for the same price you'd pay here for 5...

While the price may be a bit high, the fact is Middleman makes things safer. From a sellers standpoint... del piero would be stupid to risk losing money on big ticket items like this....
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Still no reason to ask more than the majority. people should get it for free for going thru all this stupid mtgox trouble.