Seems fair in vsh

Discussion in 'General' started by Brimp, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Brimp

    Brimp Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Yeah no class limit anymore seems fair to have 12 snipers on toys, weapons depot, dust, and urban again. If bot wanted this to basically be the same as 1.55 they're going to get there if changes like these keep coming out. If anything this is vsh 1.55 without the sniper limit
  2. Ijikaru

    Ijikaru Gore-Spattered Heavy

    I mean on vsh2 we used to have a class limite but idfk where it's gone we need to wait bot to fix that.
  3. Brimp

    Brimp Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    still its really annoying to fight against as hale because if you super jump you never get to where you want to go
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