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    The season stat tracker is now live. Please click here to view it

    There is currently no stats in either of the two teams on the website. So you will get errors if you try to view them. This will be fixed on Monday when we upload our logs. Please report all issues here and suggestions here.

    We ask that you donate $5, for the whole season, to use it. It is not required, but it would be nice. Chuckwagon pays out of pocket to keep the server up, and we would just like to not pay for it. A small price to pay.

    1. The ability to keep records of teams stats throughout the season
    2. Everyone can view your stats
    3. When the next season starts, you can look back on your last seasons stats.
    ~more to come~

    How it works:
    1. Copy the and paste it in the box.
    2. Select what team you were on. (red or blue)
    3. Click submit

    The script will take the stats from the logs and automatically update them to the previous entry. This way, you can see your stats throughout every match combined.

    Who updates the stats?
    I will give one or two people per team the ability to update their own stats. They will only be able to access their stats, and cannot mess up anything else.

    There is no option to save or backup your data. If you mess up you will have to start over. You need to make sure you have the right url, and pick the correct team.

    If you would like to use this, please pm me with the following information.
    1. A link to your team
    2. A username and password for the website

    Known Issues:

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    I made several improvements to the program. Check it out.

    I have had a few people ask to use it, but never got back to me when I told them I need the steam id and class of everyone on their team. I no longer need you to do this. For you to start your table, all you need to do is link me to your team and give me a desired user name and password for the website.

    More improvements are coming. Hopefully more people will like it after I keep improving it.
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    I have changed it drastically. This is what you can expect if you want to use it

    When you upload your stats, it will automatically assign it to the current week in highlander. It will also add it to a separate table that adds up all of the weeks together.

    If anyone wants to use it for your team, all you have to do is copy and paste the url when asked and click submit. It is that easy.

    It is still free to use to anyone who wants to use it. I am trying to limit it to Skial teams and friends. But anyone can ask me if they are interested.