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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gabe Null, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. Gabe Null

    Gabe Null Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Please raise the current requirement to scramble teams as it seems to be way too low. So low that I saw even with the majority of votes as no it still went through.
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  2. GoldSrc

    GoldSrc Uncharitable Spy

  3. Snitch Bitch

    Snitch Bitch Rage-Inducing Forum Troll Contributor

    Oh my god are you crying because I vote scrambled teams on US+1, the scramble made the situation even worse, as it put all the good players on the red team, if anything the scramble system needs to restart the round and make everything back to neutral, since if you don't get scrambled off your team as an engine, your sewer nest still stays up, it also should put into account the K/D's of the players and distribute them accordingly.

    40% is the minimum threshold that the vote to scramble teams currently has to reach or surpass, let's say 51% of players have to vote for a scramble to pass, then it would never go through, most players don't vote, and also if you're on the team clearing house, why the fuck would you vote yes for a scramble, unless you're an idiot, you're dominating them.
    It would also take the entire team that's eating shit to vote yes, and not everyone votes in the server.

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  4. ♥Flandre♥

    ♥Flandre♥ Wicked Nasty Engineer

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  5. Gabe Null

    Gabe Null Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    I don’t understand for 1 why you are such an asshole at all times you can no I’m not complaining on that and at this point i feel like you just try to be a piss bitch at any point you can. That is besides the point however I say this because of how abusable it is. I think everyone has been on servers where people have voted for no reason and boom it goes through even when most of the votes are no. So please try and not be an asshole all of the time and please raise the requirement to atleast 50.
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  6. Maddo

    Maddo Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I always f1 a vote to scramble teams, even if i'm on the leading team. If anything lower the threshold, scrambling adds extra fun.
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  7. Bottiger

    Bottiger Administrator

    No it is lower than 50% because the 50% that vote no are usually on the stacked side.
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