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I want first to state that the name of the individue I'm report often changes as he, from what it seems, hasn't chosen one. I also wanna state that at first I thought he was a different person, a friend of mine named Skullex.
The incident can be summarized in the classic "Steam or TF2 Report got noticed by an Steam worker/admin/mod".
I will upload an video regarding the message log we had on Steam DMs as the incident only ocurred on it.
He is an more a less active player in ZE Skial servers and he added me there a few weeks ago.
Today, he adressed me, asking if someone had asked for information about my Steam account, for which he claimed to come in notice of an report made on TF2 regarding myself. When asked about how he got acess to such matter, he implied that a steam worker informated him and that the report, if let untouched, would result in a permanent ban of my account.
When I stated "if you trying to do what I think you are, I though I knew you better..." and that I had mistaken him for the friend I mentioned earlier, he unfriended me.
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