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I met this scammer/extreme low-baller on Friday, ‎February ‎12, ‎2021, ‏‎8:52:30 PM



He randomly asked me about my magical spirit mannrobics and if it was for sale. I said it is. He opened up a trade with me and asked to see it in game. I showed him. he then proceeded to add this to the trade:
I told him I wasn't interested. He pushed, and I repeatedly told him I would not agree to any price he wanted with it. He pushed anyway, asking how much I wanted in "adds." I said 60 keys. He acted very offended, then claimed would sell it to him for 70 keys, and that Offline had recently priced this at 70 keys and it was a pending suggestion. None of these were true. When I asked for screenshots, this trader with a darkblaze unusual hat, claimed he had no idea how to send them. I said he could add me and send it. He came up with many excuses, but settled on, "my friendlist is full." then quickly closed the trade window. When I said I wanted to see the evidence in the chat, he said, "like I said, leave it then," "got no space in my friend list." At the time, he has 315 friends in his friendslist, and as steam adds 50 slots per ten levels, he is at level 20, and you start off with a friend cap of 250, this is impossible.

As he closed the trade early, I do not have screenshots of anything he said in the trade.

However, I have this:
Not ONLY is he banned on for creating fake buyorders to raise the price of his items, he has -17 rep for doing the EXACT same thing as I described. If you look through his comments, the same complaints occur again and again. While I understand I myself don't have enough evidence to get him banned, I believe his backpack ban, the amount of -reps from trustworthy people, + this complaint should be enough to justify a ban from all skial servers to prevent him from attacking anymore innocent users.

From the -reps we also have this wonderful conversation where he attempts to use the "valve employee" scam:








I hope this is enough.
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We can't work with the information you provided initially as no scam actually occurred. The lack of evidence regarding anything else makes that situation void.

The Valve employee thing is a different story. The format is lacking however and cannot warrant a mark on SR but I will ban him from here as the evidence suffices to at least warrant a server-wide ban. If you would like to resubmit the screenshots following Steamrep's format, please see here: