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This user has offered me the batter's helmet (normal, unique) for 20 refined metal, we had a conversation and agreement, then he canceled the trade where we had the conversation in and said there was an error when it said"this trade was canceled by NUML0CKED" he sent me a new one and when I was about to accept the trade offer (batter's helmet for 20 ref) my mouse got stuck on the batter's helmet icon and it said "uncraftable" and an uncraftable batter's helmet is worth about 2 refined metal, he offered me some other hats before, and when I looked how much the cost of these hats was but uncraftabled it was obvious he scammed people this way before, I told him I knew what he was doing and he immediately canceled the trade and when I said in chat that he is a scammer and told everyone what happened he said"I don't even have an uncraftable hat" I couldn't take a pic of our conversation in the first trade because it was canceled and I only had lurking suspicion on him because of the steam warning.



Gaben's Own Aimbot
Unfortunately, we need the full chat logs to proceed with this case. If you don't have the initial conversation of the trade, there is nothing we can do.