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Invalid Scam Appeal - Potatoson

Discussion in 'Scam Appeals' started by zöms, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. zöms

    zöms Unremarkable User

    Why should you be unbanned?:
    This is my 3rd attempt to appeal this ban. 2 attempts were made in 2016, I am making a 3rd attempt at this in 2018 almost 2019.

    So back 2013 I was given a Skial ban for impersonating Skial Staff, claiming I would give certain abilities in return for in game items, I was very young and rather, stupid at the time. (Stupid is an understatement). I fully take responsibility for my actions, and by no means think what I did was called for, and the ban was well deserved, however that was 5+ years ago, and I miss the booming action of Skial, the servers are packed full of people, and I often go to join one and forget "Oh yeah, goof, you got yourself banned". I very much would like to return to playing there and have this ban lifted. I am very much changed, besides this, my reputation here among all games and trading has been spot free, I have very much changed, more so I have very much learned to not be stupid like I was in my past. Now I am actually fighting for two things here, the lift of my ban from Skial Servers, as well as my caution marker on SourceRep.

    I tried to appeal this to no avail 2 times back in 2016, I actually walked away in worse condition than I arrived. I never originally had a caution marker on SourceRep, even after my initial ban in 2013 from Skial. However when I appealed my ban in 2016 (on my first appeal if i can recall) Not only did I not get far with my appeal, I also had a caution slapped on my SourceRep as well. Which stressed me out since I was quite into trading at the time. I would also like to fight to remove the caution on SourceRep as well, I would not like this one very rash and dumb mistake of my my past from 5 years ago to haunt me whenever it comes time to trade, especially anything that involves something like Paypal for in game stuff.

    So to wrap this long story up, I have very much changed, and this is one single blemish (well two if you take into account the SourceRep ban) on my record here on Steam, Source Games, Skial, whatever category you give it, my single blemish I would like to remove, I was young and foolish those 5 years ago, and by no means am I the same person I was 5 years ago.

    (PS) It shows here on Skial/Sourcebans that I was unbanned, but that is in fact not the case, I still show to be banned upon joining Skial Servers and still have a 'Caution' on SourceRep​
    Link to your ban:
  2. zöms

    zöms Unremarkable User

  3. zöms

    zöms Unremarkable User

    Also I think I should mention, I mean SteamRep not SourceRep, typo on my part
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