Saxton hale weightdown explosion.

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Imigrant Predator, Jan 13, 2021 at 2:30 PM.

  1. Imigrant Predator

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    How do other players do the weightdown explosion each time they jump?
    I know you can do it if you jump really high but I've seen people do it for really small distances or even right after superjumping.
  2. Feral Angel

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  3. mub

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    Weighdown occurs if the following conditions are met;

    1. You've been airborne for >3 seconds
    Don't quote me on this since I don't know the exact time, but it feels like >3 seconds.
    HHH does not need to meet this first condition, but he also doesn't get explosion on weighdown, either.

    2. You're crouching
    3. You're looking down

    This condition is very generous and basically anything remotely looking down will fulfill this condition.

    So, a few ways to achieve easy weighdowns with superjumping bosses;

    1. Jump from a high spot before superjumping to increase air time.
    2. Certain maps have pads that will send you airborne that you can use to start with, i.e. Crevice, Nebula, MarioKart, etc.
    3. Super-duper jumps will almost always give you enough air time by default to weighdown with.
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