Positively Inhumane Poster
Name sʜʀᴇкτᴀcυʟᴀʀ

Summary Voteabuse


When did this happen? 11:56 PM BST

Which server did this happen on? Death Run US

Any other information
Started a vote to slay the victim when they were already dead

Also admits to voteabusing before:
DEATH RUN | US ████07/14/2021 - 11:55:15 PMsʜʀᴇкτᴀcυʟᴀʀ15, don't make me vote to slay you when youre dead again

From the victim's logs, even stating he died:
DEATH RUN | US ████07/14/2021 - 11:35:20 PMSuicided with world
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