Legendary Mapper

These actions may result in bans, silences, or other punishments.

Examples are listed. But just because you don't see something here does not mean it is not included.

  • Spamming. Examples:
    • Advertising other Rust servers or Skial competitors.
    • Telling people to boycott Skial.
    • Spreading lies with the intention to get people to leave.
    • Reporting people that aren't breaking the rules.
    • Calling random votes, even on yourself.
  • Using or advertising hacks. This includes letting your "brother" or "friend" do it on your computer or internet connection. Advertising "fake" hacks does not let you avoid this rule.
  • Racism
    • Racial slurs or stereotypes are not allowed.
  • Other Discrimination: Any persistent discrimination based on gender or religion is not allowed. What qualifies as persistent will be determined by an admin.
  • Threatening to attack Skial servers or credible threats against Skial staff.
  • Exploiting. Examples:
    • Using Horses to bug into enemy bases and loot their stuff
    • Using new or unpolished game mechanics in ways they aren't supposed to be used to benefit yourself
  • Admin impersonation
  • Posting others personal and private information without consent.
  • Dodging: Avoiding punishments like gag/mute/ban by disconnecting or changing your name right before it happens.
  • Doing any of these on a throwaway account.


  • Walling off during raid is allowed.