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Pardoned Rust Appeal: bruh_its_ben

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by bruh_its_ben, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. bruh_its_ben

    bruh_its_ben Unremarkable User

    SteamID: 76561198876687393

    Server you are banned from: Vanilla

    Why should you be unbanned?

    I was banned for being associated with a scriptor, I met him when I went for an airdrop he knocked me then revived me asking if I wanted guns. He lead me back to his base giving me an AK, Thompson, and a bolt action. We walked back to my base and I invited him to my team for the rest of the day until wipe, I played with him for about 30 minutes to find out by an admin he is using scripts. My team and I were banned for being associated with him, he was never given codes or TC access.
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  2. Obruhma

    Obruhma Uncharitable Spy

    After I review the ban. I look at dah base. You are unbanned. Retarted i must be to see an association. the rest of your team hippo and clips are unbanned. I am sorry for mistake.
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  3. Obruhma

    Obruhma Uncharitable Spy

    Your stuff was given away so I will work on giving back as much as I can if you get back on this wipe
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