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Server-Clearing Cynic
I didn't see this anywhere so I thought I'd make it clear who are Rust Admins to date.
Plus, all you see is "rust admin app, accepted" but you never find out if they are still admins so it's handy to know which were removed or left.

Do not add these people looking to report a player or appeal a ban. Reports/Appeals go in the support section on this forum.

Rust Admin Leads - 4
Bottiger - Discord: bottiger#7067
Jermaphobe - Discord: Jermaphobe#1373
Biggie - Discord: biggie#7059
Sakiko - Discord: Sakiko#1745

Rust Admins - 8
Laser4beam - Discord: Laser4beam#9557
Obama/Hentai.Perhaps - Discord: Obama#0613
Koshaboy - Discord: Koshaboy#6033
Yolorolo102 - Discord: Yolorolo102#0770
Shube - Discord: Shube#1596
Django_Priest - Discord: Django_Priest#1233
Slickery - Discord: slick#3178
LuckyD3vil - Discord: LuckyD3vil#6636

Ex-Admins - 9
Davit138 - Fired
Jokersofgline - Fired
Neb - Fired
Russian Vodka - Resigned
Linkari - Resigned
RedTarget - Fired
y Moi - Fired
Valentine - Fired
Dusk - Fired
hauxy - Resigned
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