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Discussion in 'Admin Applications' started by Gonzalo1709, May 11, 2020.

  1. Gonzalo1709

    Gonzalo1709 Scarcely Lethal Noob

    Link to your Steam profile:
    Your 64 bit SteamID:
    Link proof of your playing time:
    When are you active? What timezone?:
    I live in Lima, Peru so my TZ is UTC -5. I usually have Rust running in the background during the mornings and I check it so often, usually cause I like to set up food farms to never run out and to sell for scrap. I actively play and roam with some friends during the evening. We aren't too sweaty, we mostly don't reach Ak-Roam levels but we think we can stand up for ourselves.
    How do you tell if someone is aimbotting?:
    I usually dont necessarily look too much at their aim, I rather look at some other possible signs that they might be using some kind of third party assist like if they try to shoot through objects or similar. Only if it is absolutely blatant like 50 quick succession headshots from 5000 meters then I'll only consider to ban them from that.
    When is it okay to use God mode?:
    I think using god mode has very few specific cases in which it is justifiable. For instance, trying to check on some one who has been reported many times but I think that using god mode without vanishing is 99.99% of the times uneccesary. Still, god mode has its uses but I'd try to limit its use to a minimum as there are other ways to find out if someone is cheating.
    Will you get mad if you lose admin for "no reason"?:
    I would really not. This is one of my first times being some kind of "staff" on a multiplayer game and I feel that if I made a mistake that resulted in the revokal of my admin status, then I think I at least would be able to understand it.
    Anything else you want to say:
    I really like the community this server has going on and it was one of my first servers I played ever on Rust. I had moved on to monthly server but me and my group decided to come back, it is just more chill. I like getting to know people, actually, one thing that's always on my to do list at the beggining of the wipe is to meet the neighbours and try to establish a friendly relationship. From this I've gotten to know many new friends and I hope to keep doing the same on skial while also providing help when needed.​
  2. Sakiko

    Sakiko Moderator Contributor

    On the 15th you had been raiding a base at M11/n11 with a sign that had some racial references on the board. Had stated your name and asked if you can remove it as part of your raid which didn't happen you team had placed a horse next to it so was at least seen by you or others.

    Removing such signs will help show you have our rules in mind and are enforcing them.
  3. Gonzalo1709

    Gonzalo1709 Scarcely Lethal Noob


    Thanks for the response! We actually raided the base because of the sign. We didnt profit and we knew that would not happen. We were kinda low on resources so we didnt take the time to take it off. I'll take your advice into consideration for the future. I guess I'll reaply in a few weeks or months. Thanks again.
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