Revised Racism Rules

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    After a few days of trying to let the players decide how they want to handle racism on the servers, we have received complaints that cases of racism were not being dealt with. There were also players spreading false information that racism was now allowed.

    In order to bridge the gap between those that feel we are too lenient and those that feel we are too strict, we have drafted some new rules which hopefully everyone will be satisfied with.

    Here are the new additions to the rules.
    • Racism
      • Racial slurs or stereotypes are not allowed.
      • However, you may use the term "nigga" without negative words or stereotypes. Examples of negative words include but not limited to: dumb, bad, hate.
    • Other Discrimination: Any persistent discrimination based on gender or religion is not allowed. What qualifies as persistent will be determined by an admin.
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    A compromise has been made.
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    will you reban/mute people who's ban/mute was lifted from racism rule?
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    If 'nigga' is allowed in a non-negative context, does the same apply to 'nigger' being used in a non-negative way?

    Not trying to be nit picky, just want to make sure I understand all of this correctly
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    The n-word with er at the end is never considered friendly
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    This respects those who have felt comforted by skials anti-discrimination rules for so long and also preserves a player base who seeks a certain leniency. (This will help hold both populations)

    Oh, and to be fair, although we all laughed at that suggestion: Fairnessplease did practically suggest this a while ago.
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