Declined Removing Military Area from EU and EU2 vsh

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mumbus, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Mumbus

    Mumbus Mildly Menacing Medic


    Hi, this is my first thread on Skial, and i personally think that Military Area should be removed from EU, EU2,
    it's always quite frustrating whenever you get tired of the map, and then to move to the EU servers, but only to see the same map always getting voted for, even though there is a server DEDICATED to that map. And it's not like the server is full, I've never seen the Military Area server full, never more than 25 players, well not whenever i'm there. and it's rare that if any other maps on the vote selection with Military Area on it stand a chance, it's almost like the map has a higher chance of being on the vote selection, and i don't see many people nominating it either.

    I suppose this is just more of a rant. It's unlikely you will remove it completely off the EU servers for vsh. but i do hope you MAYBE, just maybe. not put it in every vote map selection.

    Sincerely, Mumbus

    A Skial Member
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  2. =DH= JuBa

    =DH= JuBa Mildly Menacing Medic


  3. sehcturc

    sehcturc Sufficiently Lethal Scout Contributor


    I love the map most days, I'd say just live with it.
  4. Windows95

    Windows95 Uncharitable Spy


  5. Link

    Link Wicked Nasty Engineer Contributor


  6. True Darkian

    True Darkian Sufficiently Lethal Scout

    I don't think it will be removed due to how popular it is.

    I played yesterday on EU VSH, I think for like 3 hours, and after a break, another 2 hours, Military Area was never voted or even nominated, so you missed a good time to play for you.

    Again, Military Area is likely not gonna be removed due to it's popularity, even though .
    I kinda dislike the map too, I gotta do a -1.
  7. Windows95

    Windows95 Uncharitable Spy


  8. Cream Tea

    Cream Tea Legendary Skial King Legendary Mapper


    I think it would be silly to remove probably the most popular map on VSH.

    I don't support removing it, but I would support maps having a 3 map cooldown instead of the current 2 map cooldown to encourage different picks.
  9. Zappheus

    Zappheus Banned


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