Mildly Menacing Medic
The bosses rage is to over power and should remove and also super jumps are way to over powered. Its also a bad teacher for new players who want to be better.


Totally Ordinary Human
BUT, BUT, BUT IT'S SPYRO. And one last thing, are super jumps part of the game mode in general?


Gaben's Own Aimbot
and also super jumps are way to over powered

You mean super jumps in general or just for that specific boss?

Super jumping is practically a requirement for most bosses, otherwise its literally impossible for them to reach certain areas


Legendary Skial King
You should make a suggestion if you want to be serious about this.
I've not heard anyone complaining about this boss in particular.

Super jumps are a required element of all the bosses, however.


Gaben's Own Aimbot
For clarification it looks like he's talking about the super jump for that specific boss, not super jumping in general

But yeah as Luke said put this in the suggestions section

Or maybe a mod can move it there if they see this thread