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Discussion in 'Network Issues' started by Bottiger, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Every report must have MTR

    If you have network issues, please run WinMTR

    Click on the box named "Host:" and fill in the IP of the server you are having problems with.


    Click Start and after a 1 minute or so, press Stop, and click Copy Text to clipboard. Make a thread and paste the contents.

    If you are on Mac or Linux, open a shell and type mtr server_ip.

    If you do not feel like downloading a program on Windows, you can also open command prompt and type tracert server_ip, but it will contain less information.

    Without mtr or traceroute, it is diffcult for us to tell where the problem is because the path from you to our server is usually different from the path from our server to you.

    How to interpret

    If you want to learn how to read the information that comes out of MTR, you can try reading this You can learn how to tell if the issue is caused by your own router and not our network which is the case a majority of the time.

    Anycast Network

    If you are playing on our anycast network (any IP starting with 91.216.250.) we can do more to fix routing issues and maybe even lower pings since it is on a network we control. Just recently we've been able to lower pings from asia by 20-40 ms by routing through a different country. We will need mtrs or traceroutes though.
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Thread Status:
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