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why yes i am using the comment section of my own post to also say outrun technoir cybertower and simulation should also be added


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Damn bearun is shite. People only liked it so they could get into the activator side of the map (unless the Skial version removed that). Oh and since everyone has been complaining about "corridor" maps, let me remind you where bearun is set: A big fuckoff corridor.

No real theme, just platforming. Some traps are just plain unfair, and the difficulty scaling of it is trash. The textures get wearing as soon as you've left spawn, I don't see very many upsides to the map. There's no real good reason for it to be re-added except for the fact the tryhard platforming people will beg to play on it to flex their superiority.

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sorry you suck
I'd like to get this map added to skial rotation's and I do miss it, but any skial players can't beat that. (yes I can't do it on box thing too but few attempts worked for me so it's just 20 chance to get it right)

As of now, the opinions changed. None seems to like bearrun being re-added back. Sorry about that. Also, you don't seem to understand skial's playbase and bottiger's choice.

Whatever you want map to be added, it won't be added instantly. If bottiger decides that it's a fit for playbase, he decides to add it.