Question to skial community servers

Discussion in 'News Watch' started by Reporter, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Question to skial community servers
    The Community server has players yes... But... I had a few times my fun with offline bots when the internet in my house was down because of whatever... I know offline bot behavior pretty well and... A lot of "players" gathered around in areas where the bots in offline practice stand the most. They also stand still. So headshots are easy af when playing sniper. I sometimes flank in unpredictable ways which work with all sorts of players effectively, for me. Doing the same thing in offline practice rather killed me. This also happened in skial dustbowl. They have unusuals yes, another bot behavior their medic ignores half of the team, if you look straight or half at them they do a taunt during setup. Players run straight forward to build uber or place and upgrade buildings as fast as possible.

    The point is: Does skial host bots that are registered as players for the game?

    A theory: Some of the community hosters probably host casual cheat bots to get players onto their servers. Blackwonder tf has ads. So for ad revenue they would host cheat bots on casual to get players onto their servers to see the ads and make more money as the result.

    Author: PeugotInMyarse
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  2. ***

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    i'm 99% sure all the bot accounts on casual right now are all stolen accounts, the ones with random names and profile pictures anyway.
  3. Metroidz

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    God damn tf2 players are dumb
  4. ***

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    did you only realize that now?

    (lets not forget you dont know how to ride a horse.)
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  5. Metroidz

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  6. ***

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    "I fell off my horse today when I was riding to work. It galloped right into a cactus and jackknifed and I fell off cause I wasn't wearing my leather chaps."
    - you, yesterday

    I'm surprised you forgot lol
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  7. Metroidz

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    Yeah you were dumb enough to believe I wasn't bullshitting. We don't ride horses in my part of Texas fool.....
  8. Metroidz

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    I got a bridge over Valhalla I'm looking to sell. Send me 20 bitcoin and it's all yours.
  9. ***

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  10. Zeo

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    Yeah. Horses ride people in Texas.
  11. KinCryos

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    no, you're thinking of the Brony fandom. giggity
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  12. Seminal Inhalation

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    Nah in the Brony fandom, they ARE the horses.
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