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    So since quakecon in 2016 we have known about the imminent release of quake champions. This time around, they are looking to create a game similar to quake live, but with abilities. As far as I know, each character has different run speed and max hp/armor values, as well as 1 ability (either passive or activated).

    The goal is to remain true to the original game but add some more modern spice. From trailers, it looks a lot like doom 4. They changed a few weapons, from the website it looks like there is no normal machine gun and no plasma gun; they are replaced with the heavy machine gun (from quake live) and super nailgun (similar to quake 1).

    The reason for me making the post today is because they just opened sign ups for a closed beta, if you are interested in this go here

    You can check out the website here -

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    ye 1v1 me
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