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This plugin will allow you to set any number from 1 to 255 for your srcds +players setting. 33 is currently the largest number in TF2 you can set without crashing your players. This plugin is Linux only and probably only works on TF2 though I have not checked other games.

Since Drunken_F00l was hired by Valve, he has stopped updating his PLR (Player Limit Remover) plugin. It broke in the last update and for some reason he decided not to make it open source.

I didn't put this on sourcemod.net because they have no section for Valve Server Plugins. It is currently impossible to change the player limit with Sourcemod plugins.

  • Linux
  • grep - Should be installed on every Linux server.
  • nm - May not be installed. apt-get install binutils on Ubuntu to install.

Linux Plugin Files - Unzip in your addons directory. Edit plr.vdf and change tf to whatever mod you are running.

Source Code


Updated for October 26 2012 changes.
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Matt Callaghan

Unremarkable User
Hey Bottiger;

I'm testing out your supplied "Player Limit Remover" plugin, and when my client joins, I get the following error:

Engine Error:
"update player name with bogus slot XX" (where XX is some random integer)



That means you set the player limit too high.

There is a player limit check on the client and on the server. This plugin only removes the limit on the server. Some games have client limits that are higher than the server.

Matt Callaghan

Unremarkable User
Oh, thank you for the explanation.

In my case, I was trying to modify the player limit for TF2, from 32 to 40. Presumably then, TF2 has a client limit of 32?
Do you know of a way to also allow the clients to support >32 players for TF2?


Like I mentioned in the first post the maximum limit is 33 without editing the client and triggering VAC.


I didn't delete it, Sendspace did. I don't know where we can host it now. I don't really want to host it on skial.


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Tried to launch 64 slots TF2 server. When a player joins the server his game crashes after loading screen with this message:
Engine Error
UpdatePlayerName with bogus slot 34
Any thoughts how to prevent clients from crashing? Maybe a client patch or something?