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Here is my thread from 3 years ago: skial DOT c0M /threads/adding-new-maps-for-payload-us-server.78112/

A few months after this, a lot of the participants in that thread left and started their own servers. And those servers are a live today. Payload US took about a good year to recover and get some regulars again. Now the regulars are starting to get tired of same old maps, and they rather go somewhere where they have a rotation outside of the 7 or 8 played on Payload.

Unfortunately, Bottiger (or whoever) only takes action when shit hits the fans. The thread I posted above said (Already Done). Yeah, it was done after everybody left. Are you going to wait for the same thing to happen? The other time you may seem to take action is if it affects the bottom line. Here's one thing: DON'T EXPECT PEOPLE TO FUCKING DONATE WHEN YOU GIVE THEM ONLY A FEW FUCKING CHOICES. Do you know why Wal-Mart and Target started expanding their stores to have groceries, produce, delis, etc? Because the Supermarkets started selling toilet paper, more cleaning supplies, and sometimes they even put those BBQs, plants, outdoor furniture, etc on display to be sold. You are losing customers(players) to your competitors. The servers that these people hopped to DID NOT pay to Skial, but do pay to the server here.

I get it. Whoever the puppet master is here runs it like a business. Bravo. But here's the thing: when a game is not being updated by the developers, the best to keep them engaged is by doing it yourselves. They will joke about the Heavy update for the rest of their lives. But they don't joke about wanting new maps, cause they can find it anywhere else.

What did Bottiger do 2-3 years ago? He literally puts up 50+ maps. You had to keep hitting 9 over and over to get through them. That is way too many. If you want a business case about having too many options, here it is: will post link when given approval to post links

I am serious. I outlined it for you below. Imagine I'm a consultant, and you need an outsiders perspective for your business. But before I tell you, you need to understand something know as the consulting effect fallacy: there is very likely someone in your business that has the same ideas as the consultant, but you don't listen to them, are resistant to change, or a combination of factors that lead you to drop the big bucks to get a consultantant to do it for you. But shit, I'm a nice guy and doing this pro-bono.

You start to realize there are things there that are synomous with Skial:
  1. There's more competition -- Yes, your competition only exists because they left this server to make their owns despite the fact that they were donators to your servers. Listening to your customer is one thing, but listen to the ones that are paying you. Facebook doesn't listen to its users, they listen to the ones paying the advertising fees.
  2. They've been a bit stagnant -- As I said above, people will joke about the Heavy update, but not the maps. It has become stagnant. People want to be able to enjoy some level of evolution in a game when its not being updated and its this old. Even SuperSmashBrothers adds new characters.
  3. They're too reliant on sports -- You rely on the same 32 people per server to keep coming back, which leads to bottlenecks. You hope to profit off this bottleneck by offering donator status. But the perks that come with donator status are mainly limited to skipping the line and some fancy colors. That's it. You are reliant on the wrong thing.

Suggested maps from me:

will post link when given approval to post links

will post link when given approval to post links

Watchpoint Gibraltar:
will post link when given approval to post links

will post link when given approval to post links

Reverse Badwater:
will post link when given approval to post links

Snowycoast Pro (remove regular, it has too many bottlenecks):
will post link when given approval to post links

I'll try to get you a bunch of people on a DEMO whining for more maps.

Note: I thought I have two posts??? Still won't let me. I'll try to edit. Maybe requires mod approval? PM me if something is up. I verified my e-mail for sure, and its not a throwaway e-mail or temp one either.

uwu (>_<)>

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There is something to be said for bringing a degree of amicability to server suggestions, but I agree that greater map diversity would be healthy for Payload US. Even if some maps are not as high quality as the classic ones, they will end up winning the vote once in a blue moon as a result, which can still be fun.


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This whole post just cries "Bottiger bad, add all the maps I want".

You haven't been on our server in 3+ years, Stannis. But considering your main got nuked, I'm not surprised to see you're hiding your new account, considering your last name on our server was "skial = shithole cuz of admins"
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You say regulars are crying for more maps? Tell them to come on the forum, they're not helpless and/or braindead, they can come on the forum and suggest maps for the server. A sole person acting as "representative" isn't going to work because you tell us you are speaking "For all of the regulars". If the server and the regulars are that desperate for new maps tell them to come here, if they really want new maps, they will do it. They don't need a representative.

I play payload, and I do not hear people crying for new maps like you insist they are. Chalk it up to us being on at different times, but surely if it is as severe as you suggest I would be catching drift of it.

I've played all of the maps in that list of yours except Watchpoint, and all of them except Cashworks are not very remarkable. Your other community undoubtedly runs those maps, so I don't know why you're back here trying to get us to run those maps again

No idea why the donation system is relevant to adding new maps, but you brought it up anyway


The server died because I was very busy during that time and did not check the map stats. For years the top maps were the same so I did not bother to check them for a few months and Poomba already decided to take all the players with him to his server by the time I realized that casual mode sucked all the players that preferred valve quality maps and reduced community payload players by 80%.

I never put in 50+ maps and I will not be doing that now. If you are unhappy with the lower amount of maps that is unfortunate and I suggest you seek an alternative.

As I have said many times filling the server with quantity over quality doesn't help, and I am not really concerned about appeasing a few players that prefer quantity for an extra 20-30 a month. My goal has always been to have the top tf2 servers and if that means losing a few donations, I always choose the option for the top.
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