Gaben's Own Aimbot
Met some guys on here and TF2 in general that play Overwatch. I'm thinking about getting a competitive team together to play on the regular. Or if anyone wants to get their own teams together, follow the format. I'm on PC but if console players want to link up, go nuts. *cough* PC master race *cough*

Platform: PC
Region: US
Battletag/Username: Renegade#12293
Comp or QP: Competitive
Competitive Rank: 2033
Level: Bronze 33, 1 Star
Main: Lucio
Additional info: Can flex with any characters except most of the DPS characters and Hammond.

Go nuts.
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Gaben's Own Aimbot
I don't play comp....too many sweaties and not worth the time put in for my taste.

Pick me up for casual though?
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