Resolved oh,really - Voteabuse - voteban

Discussion in 'Reports' started by sunstep, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Voteabuse - voteban

    Player Name:



    DEATH RUN | EU 2

    Detailed Explanation / Screenshots / Demos:
    oh,really<139><[U:1:897868648]><> started a vote.
    Cj : !taunt sch
    (Voice) ᴘʏʙʀᴏ♥: Spy!
    (Voice) ᴘʏʙʀᴏ♥: Spy!
    #106 [God] sunstep : yes report time
    (Voice) polish person: Spy!
    #1197 [Overlord] snufelke : he was hgacking

    he accuses me for hacking in dr_meme factory for walking in fullspeed while crouching, but its the tilted challenge that does this so it was just a part of the map if you know what i mean and no hack or griefing or exploits its done on purpose.
  2. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    snufelke<108><[U:1:111083907]><> started a vote.
    (Voice) Sniper#12: Yes
    *DEAD* #263 [Furry] Morwanae : thanks gayle
    noice : LOL
    #106 [God] sunstep : wtf
    (Voice) polish person: Spy!
    #106 [God] sunstep : i'm adding this to the report
    noice : no dont
    (Voice) polish person: Spy!
    [Credits] +10
    (Voice) ᴘʏʙʀᴏ♥: Thanks!
    [SM] No option won th

    second attempt for voteban
  3. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    if you are trying this out, then i recommend using thirdperson to notice the speed
  4. sunstep

    sunstep Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    explaination of how it works: if you do the tilted challenge, it won't only affect your screen but it will also force you to go backwards for a few seconds if you go backwards so it won't stop if you crouch
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