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Discussion in 'Middleman' started by Xel'Naga, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    I'm available to middleman for PayPal trades.

    To prevent impersonators using my name from scamming you, I WILL NOT ADD YOU TO STEAM FRIENDS FOR THE SAKE OF BEING A MIDDLEMAN. YOU MUST ADD ME BY CLICKING THE STEAM ICON UNDER MY AVATAR. This is to ensure that you're dealing with me, and not an impostor. I WILL ALSO NEVER PROVIDE A LINK TO MY OWN STEAMREP PAGE IN STEAM CHAT, EVER. If somebody gives you a direct link to my profile on SteamRep, they are impersonating me. I will ALWAYS tell you to copy/paste my profile URL into SteamRep's search.

    Also, always check the Steam profile URL of the person you're chatting with and make sure that it is actually me. If you click on my profile here on Skial and visit the "Informaton" tab, you can see my SteamID64. Make sure this matches the SteamID64 of whoever you're trading with if they're using my name. For more information, see this thread.

    I will always leave trade feedback on your Skial profile (if you have one). If you request, I can also leave feedback on other rep threads (SOP, Steam profile, etc). However, this is done by request - I won't do this automatically.

    Feel free to either add me on Steam or post to this thread if you'd like me to middleman for you. I'm in US Central time (-6:00 GMT), and I typically am online in the late evenings to early mornings, and off and on during the weekends. Contact me any time, though. If I'm available, I'll gladly middleman for you.

    I do not charge for my services, however tips are appreciated. If you do not wish to leave me a tip, then please at least leave me a rep post on my Skial profile after the trade has completed

    UPDATE: I've recently stolen an idea from HelenAngel come up with a brand new way to message me for middleman services. I've created a Steam Group, which you can join by clicking here, which should allow you to send me a message on Steam, without having to send me a friend request. This way, you don't have to wait hours or possibly days for me to accept the invite. If I'm available for middleman services, you'll know immediately by whether or not I respond. Either send me a message, or invite me to a group chat using this tool.

    Please note, that anybody who messages me for middleman services while I am playing a Steam game WILL be blocked. I don't do any trading while I'm playing, unless it's my own personal trading. My computer isn't great, and sometimes loading up the Steam overlay to see your chat while I'm in-game lags me to all hell. Don't do it, please.

    As of now, I will NO LONGER be accepting friend requests for middleman activities. All activities will be handled via the Steam group.

    I am NO LONGER doing any middleman trades. I've been out of the trading scene for a long time, and do not plan on getting back in any time soon.

    I am updating this thread as a note to indicate that I am no longer available for middleman trades.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2015
  2. Mr.Rogers

    Mr.Rogers Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight

    Still doing this I assume?
  3. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor


    I'm now added on SteamRep as a Skial Middleman.

    Be absolutely sure that if you're using me as a middleman, that you check my SteamRep by copying/pasting my Steam profile URL into SteamRep's search, and making sure it shows a green badge. I will NOT post my own SteamRep page in any middleman chat. This is to encourage people to manually search, and not fall victim to phishing/fake SR-site scams.
  4. Faron

    Faron Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    only you?
  5. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Apparently so. Not sure what the requirements for it were. I was just checking my SR page to prune out scammers from my friend list, when I noticed that I was marked as a MM.

    For whatever reason, there's only 4 MM on SR's page right now. I could've sworn there were like, 20 or something.
  6. takethepants

    takethepants Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I thought they killed the MM thing due to the whole people getting trade banned for it.
  7. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

  8. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Bump. Temporarily shutting down due to a project at work. Added dates in OP.
  9. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Back in business. Have been for a while, actually. Forgot to update the thread.

    Also updated with rates. No longer doing free middleman services due to lack of free time and risk involved with middleman trades.
  10. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Temporarily out of service.

    Due to a major issue with a batch of Russian scammers stealing keys from MannCo (some of which I unknowingly trafficked), my account, as well as a ton of others, is locked from all trades/purchases/gifts for a while.
  11. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Back in business.
  12. Wrath

    Wrath Totally Ordinary Human

    Hate to bump your post...but I'm boggled because that is how I found out I was tagged, back in DGN, when I found out that even though I wasn't involved with SR or anything, having too many scammers gets you frowned upon by trading communities. O.O
  13. ╞λкΣ╡MaNaC

    ╞λкΣ╡MaNaC Scarcely Lethal Noob

    hi i need your middleman service can please add me
  14. Xel'Naga

    Xel'Naga Legendary Skial King Contributor

    Bump. Updated OP.
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