Declined New Skial Trade Map is Ass

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by The Tim(bs), Aug 5, 2019.

  1. The Tim(bs)

    The Tim(bs) Somewhat Threatening Sniper Contributor

    The new map that you guys have put up for the US trade server is just plain awful. Its too small to support a large amount of players comfortably, the color palette it uses is godawful, and its possible to spawncamp the exits since there is only one for each team. Please for the love of god change it back, no one wanted this new map. We were fine with v4. If you don't want to change it back to v4, at least make it something where its actually possible to roam around and do shit, not just sit in the boxing ring and fight.

    I can make a list of Pros/Cons to show how this map is inferior to any other trade_plaza map.

    • has a safe room so you can sit in there and hang out, i guess?
    • is really really small so people with a shitty pc can actually render the map without their spud pc catching ablaze
    • almost looks like someone who was on dmt thought was a good map to have on a normally unprofessional trade server.
    • Is really fucking small, like small enough where you cant walk out of spawn without seeing the sniper about to kill you
    • Its really ugly. Like who puts yellow, white, and black panels on the walls of a map? And it doesn't even have a consistent pattern, it just cuts off and continues with a slightly better, albeit still ugly pattern.
    • There is nowhere to be able to do other things, such as just goofing off, or having a private duel. v4 was large enough where you could have a duel and mostly not be interrupted, or be able to stop the interrupter long enough to carry it out.
    • Its just a rectangle. There's nothing interesting about the layout of the map, its just a box. Although this is similar to most plaza maps, this one is too short to be of anything useful to anyone, and there's no use for jetpack on this map since its so short, like at least include more areas to explore/use or something.
    • The cleaver glitch is still in existence to my knowledge. I could be wrong but if its still here that's just inexcusable.
    • s p a w n c a m p i n g i s r a m p a n t, like for the love of god if like 5 engineers were to team up and decide to make everyone's life a pile of shit they easily could, there's no other exit and if they have more than 3 brain cells they can keep their nest up
    • Its all flat. The only higher ground that exists is the questionable square hole in the wall at the top of the map and the useless glass squares. A sniper's wet dream
    • And for no reason at all, the boxing ring is right in the center of the fucking map. Like what possessed the map creator to put it there instead of where the safe room is, or make separate sections of map that have an actual use?
    Those are my reasons for hating the new map, i feel like they are fair criticisms, but you can leave your own replies criticizing my reasons as well, just please be reasonable with them. If you did actually read this I appreciate it very much, and if you were to feel the same way, please forward this to bottiger somehow. Hopefully he's not so ignorant he just brushes this off and decides to keep this tumor of a map.

    hopefully writing this was worth it, and may God have mercy on your souls
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  2. Jermaphobe

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    Cleaver glitch is a problem with the game, not the map lol
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