Need new wallpapers

Discussion in 'Creative' started by JohnnyGaloshes, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. JohnnyGaloshes

    JohnnyGaloshes Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    I currently have this wallpaper that was made for me a couple years ago. I'm looking to upgrade to a couple more high quality ones with different classes with my loadouts.

    Anyone looking to make some metal, items or keys?

  2. Reedgreat

    Reedgreat Wicked Nasty Engineer

    I don't know if there are many people on the forum with that kind of ability. You might have better luck on a larger TF2 forum (unless someone here has some hidden talent...)
  3. Sargent¥

    Sargent¥ Trade Moderator Contributor

    I could do it, just let me know if there's any changes to your loadout.
  4. JohnnyGaloshes

    JohnnyGaloshes Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor
  5. User

    User Spectacularly Lethal Soldier Contributor

    I'm no good artist, but you could ask someone to add shading to the engineer and sentry so it looks more realistic. The explosion can have more colours and the demo could be bigger.
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