Name your Favorite Hat and Reason Why

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Syno, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Syno

    Syno Scarcely Lethal Noob


    I for instance like the Spooktacles because of the way Killsreak Eyes Shine through it
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  2. yurisuika

    yurisuika Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    I like my Larval Lid because it wiggles, and my Soldier talks to it, and people often start talking about it when they hear my Soldier talking to it, and that is about the only time I ever get attention in my life, even if it is only indirectly.
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  3. Tyknighter

    Tyknighter Totally Ordinary Human


    I like the Crones Drone I don't really have a reason it's just a cool hat for me.... I am hoping to get a unusal one soon but I doubt it.
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  4. Whip_Cactus

    Whip_Cactus Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

    Crone's Dome for me, amazing looking hat, shame the unusuals are so expensive >:c
  5. User

    User Sufficiently Lethal Scout


    I like the brundle bundle cause why not
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  6. ҉ SP∑∑DY ҉

    ҉ SP∑∑DY ҉ Uncharitable Spy


  7. JohnnyGaloshes

    JohnnyGaloshes Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor


    because they are the best team in the NHL.
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  8. Vmaster

    Vmaster Somewhat Threatening Sniper Contributor


    Ghastlierest Gibus because it looks great with most outfits.

  9. Mrfugets

    Mrfugets Legendary Skial King



    simple, basic and its RALPH
  10. CockGenie

    CockGenie Somewhat Threatening Sniper


    gotta get that towering pillar brah, hats on hats on hats
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  11. Blossom

    Blossom Uncharitable Spy


    Gimme ma BoA (Brotherhood of Arms), some Breakneck Baggies and the Chicago Overcoat and you got yourself either a raving Spy or a drug dealer. Looks kinda funny at the same time aswell.