My TF2 guilty pleasure.

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    My TF2 guilty pleasure.
    So some godlike sniper is busy killing your team, leveling up his strange, going on huge kill streaks. You know, the usual order of business on your 32 man fast spawn Skial payload server <3. But by golly, your ego realizes the fact that that fucker paid real money to wave his dick around. And it makes you mad.

    So obviously you try not to get salty, but, well, said godlike sniper makes actually playing a real class no fun allowed. So, you mutter curses at your incompetent team (playing with no mic ofc ), and take matters into your own hands.

    You instantly rage switch to Sniper and take up a now familiar position, the large entrance to the last point on Upward. You wait for a moment and then the kill feed announces his presence. Both teams fight for a bit, and then retreat.

    Both Snipers stand guard. You near the entrance, him by the spiral track. Now, he's a good sniper. Plays near the team, confident in his quickscoping ability. So he takes advantage of his increased mobility and awareness and protects himself from danger, relatively trade-off free.


    Your heart racing, you make your move. Fully charged. Hard scoped. Whatever prerogative you call it, You step out into the open. A wicked grin splits across your face, as uproarious laughter pushes out any other thoughts. He's fucked.

    And he knows it! That's the best part!

    You sit there just waiting for him to make his move. He paces back and forth, terror clearly overriding any mental processes. Less than 3 seconds pass, he falls back on tired instincts, and predictably makes the only move he knows.

    Pow. -147

    Pow. -173

    The clash of egos comes to an end. Expressed on your end, the smug satisfaction is overwhelming. It simply cannot be contained. Knowing in your heart of hearts what must be done, you press g and then y and simply shake your head.

    "Counter-sniping doesn't take skill."

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