Would you want a Skial Starbound server back up when the game is more flushed out?

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Somewhat Threatening Sniper

So first, 3 sectors. Regular PVE, PVP, and 'creative'. Which is good. Hopefully by the time "creative' is up, a dungeon protection system will also be up so that there will be little to no greifing without any real mods, or external programs. there's also the rumor of a 'server side' data storage ability to keep people from cheatiing.

Next is 3 different "progression" paths. Adventuring, mining, and farming. So the current pixel system of "OMG I NEED MORE PIXELS" will be solved with "Ok, I'll just expand my huge farm and sell my crops and gain a massive amount of pixels." or "ill just go on a bunch of quests like the space cowboy I am" or "I'll go mine a bunch more materials on one of the infinately many planets and sell those." Course part of me wonders why we can't do all of that but thats the gist of it.

So where as right now, it's not a good time efor a skial Starbound server, the future is looking better and better.


Australian Skial God
I guess we'll see how it'll all turn out and how many users would actually play on it for longer than a week when the game develops more.